Roundpeg Talent

The matching process

One of the innovations in this area is Roundpeg’s strength match score. By using world class competency interview and job profiling techniques we are able to understand the success behaviours, experience and skills that are best suited to achieve in the roles for which we source.

Using tried and tested profiling methodologies we are able to screen candidates prior to the first interview and produce both a role “competency finger print” and a candidate “competency finger print.”

A competency is…

A pattern of behaviour – a cluster of skills, knowledge and abilities – that enables someone to perform a role to a required standard.

By overlapping these two fingerprints we are able to determine whether the position is right for the candidate. We aim to get at least a 70% match between the open role and the candidates.

Our approach to competency profiling is to see competencies as enablers of success, rather than as outputs in themselves.

Using this match as a starting point we move on to the ‘art’ of recruiting. Engaging with candidates to assess their personal and professional needs and ensuring that they will be happy and fulfilled in the proposed position. We combine the two to deliver the highest possible results with the least amount of effort on the part of our clients.

Competence occurs when Individual capability matches organisational requirements

competency matching