Welcome to Roundpeg Talent


Experience has taught us that with client who choose to engage with us and the people who make up our team share the following characteristics.


We believe that companies don’t have personalities – people do. Corridors are constructed of just bricks and mortar – it’s the people who walk them that matter. We play to people’s strengths rather than fixate on their weaknesses, because all things are possible with a humble, well connected team in full flight.


We love what we do. We get the bigger picture and enthusiastically seek out our full potential daily. We take pride in our work – integrity, passion and excellence come standard.


“He started to sing; as he tackled the thing; that couldn’t be done and he did it.” Those who rely on our unwavering commitment to deliver results trust us to take ownership for getting the job done, no matter how challenging the task.


Change doesn’t always equate to growth, but growth always demands change. We embrace risk and know that almost all things in life worth attaining require commitment to a destination and a first brave step of faith.


Intelligence without relevance is horsepower without traction. Our value is measured by our ability to offer more relevant solutions than could have been achieved without us. We choose wisdom over intelligence; insight over knowledge; experience over theory; results over findings; significance over success; humble over glossy; the pragmatic over the elaborate.


Inquisitive minds leave us thirsty for answers and restless for progress. There are imaginations to be tapped, solutions to be pioneered, products to be invented, originals to be crafted, boundaries to be pushed, paradigms to shatter, norms to challenge and problems to solve. We ask ‘why?’… a  lot.


We know that true significance is achieved through leaving a lasting impact. We have the courage to engage with the needs of our planet, society and those closest to us and are driven to make a difference, building a legacy away from ourselves.


“Its messy in the nursery but neat in the graveyard.” In the business of birthing new ideas, we embrace a flexible, adaptive approach – the challenge of ordering chaos has a mysterious allure. It’s what you’d expect from entrepreneurs.