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The Office

Where it all happens.


Office Details


The Reserve, 2nd Floor North Block, 54 Melville Road, Illovo, Johannesburg


011 215 8383



Map to Roundpeg:

Available on the Roundpeg website and geotagged in your email signature for clients.


Access & Locking Up

In the first week you will have your fingerprint added to the database which will allow you to access the offices.

If you know you will be leaving late, please arrange with Candice Clark to have access to a key to lock up.

If you are the last person to leave the offices at night, please ensure all windows are closed, all air conditioners and lights are off, the TV is off, the back door is locked, set the alarm, close and lock the door.

Speak to Candice Clark regarding details for the alarm.

Hot Desking

At Step and Roundpeg we have a policy of ‘hot-desking’ whereby you will not be allocated a specific desk, but rather have access to a general working area. Whilst team members may gravitate to a specific space, it is important that consideration and respect is exercised towards each other.

Wi-Fi Settings and Password

Wi-Fi is available throughout the offices. Your laptop will be set up to connect to the Wi-Fi, and you may also connect your cell phones and tablets/iPads. The internet is faster when connected to the LAN.

The Wi-Fi password is St3p$tr@t3g1c.

Printer, Copier and Scanner

Each person can print to the printer wirelessly or when connected to the LAN. The default printer settings on your PC need to be set to:

  • Portrait
  • Print on both sides of the paper
  • Print in black and white
When using the printer for copying and scanning, a personal code is entered on the machine. If you forget your code there is a list next to the printer.


The shredder box is located next to the printer – this is where all confidential client documentation needs to be disposed.

AV Equipment

Each boardroom has audio-visual equipment that can be accessed either wirelessly or via HDMI and VGA cables. Wireless access requires the prior download of software.

Air Conditioner

Please make sure you use the air conditioner for the room you are sitting in and not the one for the whole office. Remember to turn it off when you are no longer working in that room.


We have a UNIBIND machine in the office that we use to bind projects and  presentations. Please ask Pauline to give you a demonstration on how to use it.


The key information pertaining to the desk phones is listed below.

Dialling (internal): Dial the Step four digit extension Pauline Noko can provide a list of the extension numbers upon request.

Dialling (external): Each individual has their own telephone code so when you need to make outgoing calls you need to dial **3 (personal code) 0 before the number.

Picking up another call: Lift the hand-set and press *6.

Voicemail set up and retrieval: See MTEL user guide.

Your work line may be used for personal calls, but please use your discretion, especially when phoning cell phones. If this is abused, then the privilege may be reconsidered.

Please speak to Candice Clark if you have any further queries regarding your phone.


There are five boardrooms that are available:

The Marathon, Westcliff Stairs, Camino de Santiago and The Boot.

In order to book boardrooms for meetings, select the room you wish to book in your meeting request, and Pauline Noko will approve your request if the boardroom is available.

If they are available, these rooms can also be used as project rooms which allows teams to work together when needed. Speak to Pauline Noko regarding availability.


There is a gym in The Reserve on the ground floor which we are able to use free of charge. If this is a facility you would like to make use of, speak to Candice Clark and she will arrange an access card for you.