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Growing Businesses, Unlocking Talent

Roundpeg Talent journeys alongside leaders as they pursue career and business growth.

Our clients trust Roundpeg to intimately understand the strategic goals of the organisation, the cultural and technical fit for the team, and through our Executive Search and Managed Recruitment Services, unlock the talent in the market that will enable the strategy, enhance the team and deliver growth in their businesses.

Our processes are delivered by world-class systems along with data, insights, and passionate people.

We use technology to support relationships and transcend the transactional aspects of Talent Acquisition to ensure that both clients and candidates are empowered to find relevant opportunities for growth.

Roundpeg Executive Search

Roundpeg Executive Search supports its clients in identifying and acquiring the best leadership to deliver strategic outcomes and growth.

We have serviced clients across a range of sectors from corporate to family businesses to social impact ventures. Our approach is research-driven and underpinned by our commitment to deliver a leader that drives the creation of value in delivering strategy.

A thorough scan of your environmental landscape is essential to a successful search. The information gleaned is key to being able to assess why one individual would be better than another when on paper they may appear equally meritorious.

Research typically incorporates insights into relevant sectors, top performers, and peer reputations.

The learnings guide us to key individuals and shape the head-hunting approach.

Managed Services

We appreciate that like people – businesses are individuals who have their own spirit, values, and cultures.

Roundpeg works closely alongside the organisational leadership to understand strategic drivers and how the right talent would enable this.
Then using our Enterprise Cloud Platform we are able to create a digitally enabled process environment that promotes the core attributes and attracts the best people.

Roundpeg uses a people centric approach to ride the digital wave sweeping the Talent industry.

Our focus is on 3 important features:

  • Talent Engagement and Reach
  • Data and Insights
  • Client and Customer Experience

Roundpeg has access to world-class data, analytics and best practice tools. We rank in the top South African employer brand and candidate engagement scores on LinkedIn and together with Talent Hub are able to more accurately deliver specific skills into our clients’ businesses.

Engage with Roundpeg’s Managed Recruitment Services

Roundpeg is able to manage the end-to-end recruitment process in a way that increases transparency, improves the quality of new hires, and reduces the cost and time to hire.


We support the process with relevant information and reporting and the results are:


  • 1 of 5 candidates seen will be hired
  • Less than 2% of new starters leave in first 3 months
  • Hiring time will drop below 45 days per role
  • Hiring Managers will be 75% more satisfied
  • 7 out of 10 candidates will recommend you to their peers
  • Less than 30% of roles will be filled by Agencies

Roundpeg Professional

Roundpeg Professional is a growing network of independent professionals who have the expertise and track record of executing strategic and tactical projects and initiatives. With a strong focus on the Financial Services Industry, as well as general service industries, Roundpeg has a track record of delivering high profile projects within our client environment.

Roundpeg has developed robust execution methodologies and frameworks that seek to expedite the delivery of our client’s goals and objectives in a bespoke manner. We achieve this by bringing together the relevant professionals with the most appropriate skill set in a manner that fosters joint planning, consistent review and measurements of objectives, and programme wide understanding of the critical challenges, solutions and success criteria.

Key areas of success:

  • CEO Support
  • Interim Management and Senior Level Oversight or Support
  • Target Operating Model Review, Development and Deployment
  • Business Process and Operational Review, Development and Deployment
  • Program and Project Management
  • Program Office Set-up and Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Change Management
Role Profiling
Roundpeg has a robust role profiling methodology which will cover the following important elements to support the hiring manager and People Management teams develop a clear view of the role and ensure we are able to match the most suitable candidates.
Remuneration Reviews
Roundpeg is trusted by a number of Private Equity Businesses and Listed Groups to conduct regular remuneration reviews of its leaderships’ remuneration and reward structures, both at a group and portfolio / subsidiary level. Our data base of remuneration information forms the foundation of our reviews, while specifically targeted interviews of industry peers provide relevant benchmarks and insights into the organisation’s relative position in the market.

Our Values

At Roundpeg we are led by a single overarching obsession – to help our clients, candidates and people reach their highest potential. Experience has taught us that the clients and candidates who choose to engage with us and the people who make up our recruitment team share the following characteristics. We can’t help it – it’s how we’re made!


What is impacting?

Roundpeg’s shareholders have committed a significant amount of Roundpeg’s annual profit towards making an impact in South Africa, beyond business as usual. Our chosen vehicle is the Step Advisory impacting fund. This contribution is a token of how Roundpeg and Step steward our total resources including team, clients, extended networks, skills and finances. We concluded that supporting a credible, big thinking partner would result in the best use of our resources. To this end, we have partnered with Tich and Joan Smith who founded LIV Village.

Our LIV Village Journey So Far

LIV Village Journey

Uncover the Roundpeg Bursary Benefits Programme

Benefits for the Employee

Employee Benefits

At Roundpeg we pride ourselves on journeying alongside leaders to grow their businesses and unlock talent.

Education is undoubtedly a critical key to unlock people’s potential. Roundpeg now offers the opportunity for our clients to support their employees in obtaining this key for themselves, as well as for their families.

Edu-TaxBack is a fully administered bursary programme that takes advantage of the new tax legislation, allowing employers to offer employees a tax-exempt bursary to be spent on education. Structured within the employees’ current cost-to-company, the Edu-TaxBack Bursary programme puts more post-tax cash into the hands of your employee to spend on education for themselves and their families.

Who qualifies & what can they receive through Edu-TaxBack

Any employee earning between R100 000 and R600 000 a year and who is either supporting themselves or relative to the 3rd degree at a recognised educational institution.

Qualified employees can receive up to:

  • R20 000 per child/ family member from Grade R to Grade 12 (NQF 1-4)
  • R30 000 per mentally/ physically challenged child/ family member from Grade R to Grade 12 (NQF 1-4)
  • R60 000 per child/ family member at university / tertiary level (NQF 5-10)
  • R90 000 per mentally/ physically challenged child/ family member at university / tertiary level (NQF 5-10)

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